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  • OUR NEW STUDIO:  We've taken out a big loan and built a great home studio. You'll be helping with funding for continued construction and maintenance costs like lights, soundproofing, air conditioning, and more.
  • THE RUBIN REPORT TEAM:  Our team has been working together for more than three years and are a lean, mean, well-oiled machine.  Donations will go towards keeping roofs over our heads so we can continue producing episodes of The Rubin Report and bringing in more team members.
  • MORE INTERVIEWS, LIVE STREAMS, AND NEW SEGMENTS: Hitting our next goals on Patreon will ensure that we can continue to increase our level of production, including more live streams, and even taking the show on the road to cities all over the world.
  • BIGGER GUESTS:  Money will be allocated to expanding our team, and flying in even bigger guests to the Rubin Report studio for one on one sit down interviews and engaging panel discussions, face to face.


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You can make a monthly recurring donation, or a one-time donation, via PayPal.  Your donation will help us maintain our new home studio and expand the team!

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Make a one-time donation of $1000 or more on PayPal and get an autographed set of Dave's interview notecards with the questions he used in an episode The Rubin Report. (Guest choices are first come, first serve.)

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**After making your donation of $1000 or more please email contact@rubinreport.com to set up your one-on-one hangout with Dave, along with with your name, mailing address, and the interview guest of your choice for the autographed notecards.

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In addition to donating via Patreon or PayPal, you can also support The Rubin Report through Bitcoin. Our wallet address is: 12U4zTW8JfSpCvfbErdetgapJ9DnyNYTLT


As you may have heard, we've made MASSIVE changes here at The Rubin Report. We've been creating, producing, and funding the show ourselves and now we've taken the last step to true independence and built a home studio! And when we say "ourselves," we mean you, too!  We couldn't do this without you... literally.  We don't want to put our videos behind a paywall or make deals with partners that we don't share ideals with, so there are two great options for you to support The Rubin Report that will allow us to continue bringing you conversations that matter, and more of them.


Regardless if you gave 1 dollar or $1,000 dollars you are now officially part of the future of The Rubin Report. The ideas of free thinking, conversation and finding common ground are the only way way humanity will ever move forward. I thank you for doing your part right alongside of me...